Millinery Workshops

Millinery Workshops

Felt Textile Workshops

Felt Textile Workshops

Workshops in France

Workshops in France

Some of the Millinery skills taught
  • Design         

  • ​Blocking

  • Feathers

  • Fur Felt hats

  • Straw hats

  • Fascinators

  • Cocktail hats

  • Flower Making

  • Sculpting with straw

  • Sewing techniques

  • Specialised tecniques

  • Polystyrene Blockmaking

  • During the workshop you will learn the skills to create couture hats of your choice.


  • You will be guided through the process and given practical tips.


  • Millinery equipment and materials will be available on the workshop to purchase. 


  • Please use the enquiry form on the contact page to check availabilty for the workshops. Please specify suitable date options and any questions you may have.

  • Maximum group size 6 people to ensure time for personal tuition.



Thermoplastic Workshop with Carole Maher.
"See what everyone is talking about:
"Thermoplastics, they will change the way you create millinery and increase your ceativity and profit"
These new high tech thermo plastic materials will reolutionise and change the way we create millinery. Your design skills will be in overdrive.
We will focus on the 5 new materials and will explore their extraordinary qualities and benifits. Learn how to block crowns, brims and trim. It's quick and easy to use, it's light and self adhesive, no wire,stiffner or drying time needed and the form holds it shape well. It can be sewn by hand or on a machine, painted, covered, cut with scissors and is versatile. Using traditional millinery materials like straw cloth with thermoplastics creates fantastic headwear that not only looks good but has many qualities over regular millinery, such as being lightweight, strong and durable.

The oppotunities are endless, thermoplastics lend themselves well to all forms of millinery from top hats to sculptural lightweight headpieces as well as traditional crown and brim hats. They are also fantastic for theatrical millinery and props. 



Private Tuition in France

For millinery workshops the daily rate for private tuition is £135.00 which includes some foundation materials.

Weekend Workshops          £235 
5 day workshops                  £595
5 Day workshop with accomodation and all meals at Les Pesques. £950                                
  • Welcome evening drinks and dinner Friday evening prior to the workshop.


  • Foundation materials included.


  • Lunch included.


The Weekend workshops will run from 10am to 5.30pm on Saturday and Sunday. Welcome evening drinks and dinner from 5pm Friday evening.


The 5 day workshops will run from Monday to Friday. Welcome evening drinks and dinner on Sunday evening from 5pm.There will be a break for lunch each day.


Workshops : I can also organise workshops for groups of 3-6 people by arrangement.


Accomodation, flights and pick up from the Airport are not included in the Course price. Please check the Hotel information page for a list of accommodation.


Pick up from Toulouse Blagnac airport can be organised. 


I will be happy to help you with any organisational needs on request.



Workshop Dates   2015 / 2016

Millinery  5 Day Intensive   October 19th - 23rd, 2015


Millinery 5 Day Intensive, 2016   March 14th - 18th, April 4th - 9th, June 6th - 10th, July 25th - 29th, September 5th - 9th,

October 9th -14th


Thermoplastics and Couture Feather Flowers with Carole Maher, April 25th - 29th, 2016 


Couture Lace, Wirework and Crinoline Headpieces with Jane Stoddart, June 20th - 24th, 2016           Price: £625